Bali Monkey Rescue (BMR)

With over 20 years in the industry, we are the longest standing rescue, rehabilitation and trauma centre for the long-tailed macaque monkeys in Bali.

Bali Monkey Rescue provides holistic care for rehabilitating the long term emotional and physical trauma these monkeys have suffered. 

Bali Monkey Rescue is a legally registered wildlife rescue and rehabilitation centre.


Your support 
makes it possible that every
rescue monkey is 
given a second chance


People often buy babies out of pity

however the reality is that a mother’s death sentence is signed and she will die protecting the life of her baby from poachers as a replacement for the baby you just bought. 


Traumatised Monkeys

often struggle to trust our caregivers when they first arrive at the Bali Monkey Trauma Centre. With time and consistent love and care, they learn that they can trust, which gives them the support, strength and confidence to explore the monkey world around them. 

Every life matters

Words can not express the horror we felt of the arrival of Mon-Mon, imprisoned in a bird cage for 6 years with a small door welded shut.  

Turning them away is simply not an option for us! Champion our cause so every rescue monkey has the chance of a life free from isolation, abuse and neglect.