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Few people can provide a lifetime of responsible care to house and manage primates.  To refuse a monkey in need is not an option for us, so please consider to support us and champion our cause to continue to  rescue abused monkeys of  Bali.



Bali Monkey Rescue (BMR) is committed to rehabilitating the Long Tailed Macaque Monkeys that have suffered extreme abuse.   All our rescues were either abandoned or passed from home to home, never receiving adequate care or a stable environment. They led dismal lives and many were kept alone in small cages, often for years before coming to BMR.   We focus on a holistic approach to overcome the trauma they have suffered and providing a haven from fear and hunger.


Thank you  Bali  Animal Welfare Association Rescue Team (BAWA) for your

support and transport our rescues to BMR.



All our rescues were either abandoned or passed from home to home, never receiving adequate care or a stable environment. They led dismal lives, and many were kept alone in small cages before coming to BMR. The plight of Long Tailed Macaques living in captivity is ignored mainly with little help coming from the community.  

Without a foundation of support for the plight of these Bali Monkeys, it relies on private rescuers to carry the costs of this ever growing problem. Sadly our resident monkeys are unable to return to the wild but they will spend the rest of their lives under the protection of Bali Monkey Rescue where they live as an extended family unit.


For years we have witnessed many heart-breaking stories of the lives of monkeys in dire need of rescuing.  The monkeys that arrive at our centre are often malnourished  and traumatised with severe behaviour problems such as pacing, rocking, self-harm and food issues. The psychological damage in primates kept as pets shows when they are handed over to our private sanctuary.  Besides rescuing monkeys from horrific situations, we seek to provide education about monkeys and an end to illegal poaching and trading of monkeys in Bali.  





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The long-tailed macaques who roam the ancient site are infamous for brazenly robbing unsuspecting tourists in target items that people are most likely to exchange for food, such as electronics, rather than objects that tourists care less. They have little interest in like hairpins or empty camera bags. When targeting temple visitors, adolescent male macaques seem like mobsters.

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The famous 'cheeky monkeys' of Bali have gone from swiping hats and glasses to stealing more high value items from visitors, as a new study suggests the animals have begun extorting tourists for treats.  The antics of monkeys at the Uluwatu Temple in Bali have made it into a tourist attraction. The phenomenon of monkeys ransoming swiped belongings for food endeared them to many visitors. However, the marauding macaques have learned a stolen iPhone will yield a tastier treat than a swiped cap or scarf – 



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