Bali Monkey Rescue (BMR)

Is dedicated to handle the problems associated with the below listed issues, to protect and rehabilitate Long Tailed Macaques.


We meet the needs for healing, rehabilitation and providing a safe haven from fear and hunger.


Don't support the illegal wildlife trade! Be their voice and speak out in protest. 


People often buy babies out of pity

however the reality is that a mother’s death sentence is signed and she will die protecting the life of her baby from poachers as a replacement for the baby you just bought. 


Traumatised Monkeys

often struggle to trust our caregivers when they first arrive at the Bali Monkey Trauma Centre. With time and consistent love and care, they learn that they can trust, which gives them the support, strength and confidence to explore the monkey world around them. 

Rescue Missions


Night life Lewie 

A busy night club was a far cry from Lewie's jungle home as  nightly entertainment for party goers, thinking it fun to ply him with alcohol and narcotics.


It was a long journey for this substance abuser to kick his habits and put the horrors of his past behind him. Life for Lewie is different now after transitioning with members of the troop and finding his niche in life as Clueless Uncle Lewie to our babies.  

View Lewies wall of fame: