Traumatised Monkeys often struggle to trust our caregivers when they first arrive at the Bali Monkey Trauma Centre. With time and consistent love and care, they learn that they can trust, which gives them the support, strength and confidence to explore the monkey world around them.

Just like children that turn into teenagers, they slowly detach from their human caregiver to find their place within the troop. And just like any good parent, we let them go to become strong and independent. We understand that this is not about us, we are a mere crutch, a stepping stone for them to find themselves. And that’s how it should be.


Forgotten in someone’s backyard. During Gek's transition it was obvious this was a girl desperately looking for love.  Today she  lives in a large enclosure surrounded by her peers as a matriarch.  So many like Gek end  up in a cages, neglected and slowly forgotten over time.  


SPECIAL MENTION  for our monkey handler Palupi, (age 23 years) who has been working with our monkeys since she was 5 years old. 


 CANDY 19 years old at the time of rescue


Candy was found tied to a tree without food or water and left to die alone. Severely dehydrated and emaciated, she was so hungry she ate a  banana, including the skin.  We had grave fears for her survival as years of abuse she had little will to carry on until we handed her one of our orphan babies. Today Candy is our awesome foster mum with a brood that keeps her forever young.