Meet the family   

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Bapak Made

Bapak heads the team and is held in high esteem by us all. He is steadfast in his loyalty and a calming influence with the welfare of our monkeys close to his heart. 



Lupi is one of the best monkey handlers in Bali. Her work with rescue monkeys began when she was six years old. She also advocates for the welfare of

Long Tailed Macaques.



Agus is our all-rounder and aside from assisting with the day to day care of the monkeys, he is also responsible for checks and balances of our budget.



Yuli takes care of the spiritual well being of our monkeys and the sanctuary. Every morning at 5am she also does the daily marketing and food preparation.



As we are self-funded and very budget-conscious we call in our ready and willing volunteers. Shino (left) and Dexter keep guard over our new rescues  sleeping off the sedation.


Dexter the cat 

Neo natal babies require constant care and when our hands are full Dexter takes over as one of our foster Dads.

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Charlie is our master chef and to help out at the sanctuary often cooks the staff a tasty snack. 

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Mother & daughter team 

The founders of Bali Monkey Rescue in 2002 have welcomed many rescues. 


Office Manager 

Candy is a whizz at keeping  our website updated and managing the day to day routine.